Richard Barr Lawyer and Writer

I am a reluctant solicitor. I still have not made up my mind what I really want to do when I grow up - even though I have found my 40 or so years in the law constantly fascinating and not a little terrifying!

I practise in England. Solicitors are not usually considered to be very exciting people. But back in the 1980s I hit on the idea that even life in a solicitor's office might be interesting to somebody, so I started to jot down my experiences. The outcome has been a series of (mainly) lighthearted articles in Solicitors Journal (where I have a regular back page column and have to date published more than 300 articles - well over half the length of "War and Peace") and other legal and non-legal publications elsewhere. Although I have written a lot for legal publications, I like to think hat the things I write are interesting even if you are not a lawyer

This is an experiment to see whether they might be enjoyed by a wider audience. Someone is taking a look as there have been more than 120,000 hits on this site since I started it (unless of course it is 119,999 visits from search engines and one individual). I have had very few emails - which is disappointing. Maybe law is boring after all! Or I am......

More recently I have additionally taken to non-legal writing. For several years I contributed articles to a local glossy magazine. See "Places and Faces". I am also developing a series of non-serious pieces about how I fail to cope with living on a piece of land in the country.

Read the articles and (I hope) enjoy them. Click the link to send me comments. I will reply to you. If you want me to write for your publication, tell me, as I rather fancy the idea of giving up the day job and becoming a John Grisham or Scott Turow.

If you want to consult me professionally, (I undertake mainly medical cases)
check out my work website:

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